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Open House - October 13 at 1 pm
Online Sale - October 14 at 7 pm with

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Mr Rusylvia Benelli 6B

Dam: Miss Rusylvia 36U

Benelli is tested TH and PHA Free, Homozygous Black, and Polled.
Semen For Sale in North America and Australia.

Mr Rusylvia Benelli 6B

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Since Ken and Josie got married in 1994, cattle have been our livelihood.  At Rusylvia Cattle Co., cattle are not only a business, but a lifestyle we love.  Our three sons, Tyson, Riley, and Taylor, are part of our family cattle operation.

Our herd consists of 425 cows made up of 125 purebred Maine Anjou, 80 Black Angus, and 220 commercial cows.  We treat our purebred cows the same as the commercials.  We calve out all of the cows in February - April.

We have a strong emphasis on herd health.  All animals are on the Pfizer Gold programs, as well as Ivermectin product.  The cows are all also treated with Scourguard.   After spring turnout the cattle go onto native and tame pastures until October.

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The commercial calves are sold, some show steers are picked for 4-H.  The purebreds go into a replacement pen, bull pen, show strings, or are sold at our annual production sale.  The cows are on swath grazing and corn until the new year.

In early 2009 we became part of the Verified Beef Production program.  The program is part of a broad effort by Canada’s food providers to ensure on farm food safety.  It is designed to maintain consumer confidence in the products and practices of Canadian beef producers.

We thank you for your visit, and please stop in or contact us at any time.